Dear Friends: Please share with your early bicycle and motor cycle collector friends. More photos by email,just ask.I received this clip on 1900 motor from France 9 months ago,at a cost of $3,600 including shipping. I have had it priced at $5,800 which I believe is its true value. However I have just reduced the price to $3,800 so someone else can enjoy it! Looks like super rare De Dion Bouton motor of 1 1/2 to 2 HP but no markings and super cool combustion chambers on both sides. Superb condition. No cracked/missing fins, no cracks in crankcase. Turns over. Sprocket to run a magneto for ignition Output shaft comes out 2 inches. Super cool Orient type compression release at top which also acts as a primer cup. Motor is very similar to a Thomas,Orient,Marsh Metz, or Holley motor. Only 14 lbs!!! Crankcase is 6 inches wide and 3 1/4 inches thick. Motor stands 12 1/2 inches tall over,16 inches overall with compression release at top included. Condition inside unknown. Sold as is. First photo is of a very similar motor installed in a circa 1900 ladies bike. Easy installation and turn your 1900 bicycle into a big bucks 1900 motor cycle! USA shipping insured will be $100.Foreign insured shipping for costs. I also have included in this motor a super rare circa 1900 Cottereau Dijon moteur cycle head badge also from France,that would go perfect to re badge your bike with this motor, and make both French! It is included without additional cost to the new owner of the motor.More photos by email,just ask. Good Luck George Albright, Ocala, Florida. Cell weekdays 10-4 EST Best: --3---5--2---8--4---3--1---6---2---4-- Email
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