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  • Vincent on e-bay

    There's a Vincent project on e-bay right now for anybody interested......... The item # is 4623512763........ It looks like an interesting machine........

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    That's pretty incredible to see. I'd love to restore and ride that machine.

    BUT---- 23KUSD plus 20-25KUSD for labour & parts and a couple of years of your life. Where does that leave you? If it were 12-15K USD it would be a little more attractive to me. Water inside it? Open it up and show me pictures.
    It could have been at the bottom of a lake, dragged out and stored.

    I don't believe anyones story futher than I can spit. Just show me the bottom line. Open that engine up.

    I always look at the alternatives. Like spending more money and getting something restored, running and only having to correct a few things.
    This bike would have the same long term value. But as a relatively young guy- I'd be able to ride and enjoy it. Without the grief, stress, hassel, and ultimately... time. Lots of good restored Vincents for sale around. And lots of guys that can no longer kick them over. Thus - McGoogolator elect. starter.

    If I were retired, had money, and full shop. Yup - good project.

    These are my personal views -at this moment. What are yours?


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      I'm thinking the worst. This bike will end up parted out.


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        I do have to agree with you Paul it does seem a little steep for the shape it's in. I think that the fellow is working on the history of the machine good history=more money..... If I were in the position to take a run at such a bike I would want to see the guts, gore and all......

        Somehow the parting out of such a bike does seem wrong....... With any luck the high bidder has the dinero to do things right.