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Tale of Two Vincents

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  • Tale of Two Vincents

    Below is a link to parts one and two of my "Tale of Two Vincents" story I did for The Bikers Garage. Original title was "Out of the Black and into the Red" which I thought was wittier.

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    That was a great read Ron! Thanks for sharing it. Your "red" bike turned out pretty darn nice!!!
    Cory Othen


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      Great story, obscenely beautiful photos! Now if you would put the brake and shifter on the proper sides, I'd love to ride it...
      Rich Inmate #7084


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        Hmmm, been there done that.....except costs to my mental health were higher what with painting all those 60 plus parts in my single car garage.

        See in those stories where lady types had some influence in the outcome along the way, in my case it was beyond all good: my mother in law lent me money for not one but two Indian Fours telling the missus after I paid off the last one in an obvious struggle to come up with the last of the funds, oh honey, I never expected to see that money again. You can read my reaction to that at my site for the 1941 Indian Four. When I ran out of room in the shop the Red Rap was graciously permitted to take up residence in our very modestly sized house at the expense of some preferred furniture.
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        1950 Vincent - A Red Rapide Experience