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    A little trip back to '75.....

    Cory Othen

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    Howdy Cory,

    Yup, Pat Manning and Rick Voeshel. And you can still see a very large percentage of the same guys still doing just that - and even milder yet - 34 years later here at the Vincent Owner's Club North American Rally in Cannon Falls 2009. If anyone's in the area of Doleres, Colorado the week after Davenport, we'll be encamped at the superb Eco Basin Ranch for the VOC NA rally 2012.

    My roomate of the last 20 plus years at Bike Week was there for Shadow Lake and now, as happens to most of us, prefers Vin's out of his herd fitted with girly buttons for ready starting and D center stands for easier lofting after the ride...but we're still riding.
    1950 Vincent - A Red Rapide Experience


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      Hey Peter,

      I was especially impressed with the long line of bikes on the highway in the first clip. It's all but a pipe dream now but I'll pencil in one of those big Brit sickles on the ol' wish list. I try to keep the list short so that I may actually be able to cross 'em all off!!!

      As for the "girly buttons" I've seen one or two on an Indian over the last couple of summers. Hey, if it keeps a fella in the wind on the old iron then more power to 'em!
      Cory Othen


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        Do you still live in Hudson? I grew up in Bedford. Built a few custom homes in Hudson back in the 70's.