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  • Forum posted picture enlargement help

    Could anyone please tell me how I can enlarge the photos posted on the Forum Threads ? ie: the pics Paps has been posting regarding his WLA 45 Tranny build. I click on his pics and they show up in the center of my screen, but are only about 2 1/2" high by 2 1/2" wide. No way to see all the details or measurements. Sorry if this is a simple solution to those of you savvy computer people, but it's not so simple for this old "hunt & peck" neanderthal. Thanks, Twister the Fitter

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    Try holding down your Ctrl key and at the same time hit your + key to enlarge your screen. Hit it multiple times to make your page bigger and hit - key to shrink it back. Hope this works for ya.



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      THAT WORKED !!! Thanks Dick, you're a "genius"!!! Holy Crap, all these years I've been looking at the screen with a magnifying glass ! Twister the Fitter


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        If you have a "wheel" on your mouse, try turning that upwards while pressing CTRL. Downwards to shrink an item.
        That's even more cornvenient.
        Gerry Lyons #607


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          Sarge, you guys are AMAZING !!! That works well also. Thanks for the help. You guys not only know motorcycle work, you're adept with the computer as well !!! Where did I get off the "short bus" ??? Twister the Fitter P.S. May I ask how you're a Sarge, Military or Law Enforcement ?