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    I never thought I'd get on my high horse about originality, but the Harley black book says just 420 1941 ULH bikes were built, so there are probably under 40 left in the world today. I'm available to negotiate a purchase of the bike as is rather than see it altered by fitting electric start.


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      W/r/t/ "The motor will turn over slower"

      A larger engine sprocket will have the same effect. Going from 23 (common on UL) to 25 increases your leverage by more than 8%.
      The Linkert Book


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        A couple of years ago I altered a generator bottom shovel inner primary to fit a '57FL bottom end for a friend so he could have electric start. I circle milled (milled the outside of the primary to the diameter and depth) to fit in the '57 recessed area. I used a CNC mill but this could also be done on a rotary table or by outside boring. I would think this would probably work on a '41 with the frame you mentioned, not sure about starter clearance.
        Bob Rice #6738
        End of the Line 1988 TW