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Start number for 1948–56 Panhead SNs

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  • Start number for 1948–56 Panhead SNs

    Several days ago on the Panhead board I started a thread with the above title.

    No responses there yet but if the AMCA has no factory evidence of the start number for 48–56 Pan SNs then what happens if someone wants, for example, a 48 Pan judged and the SN is 1000? The owner thinks the SN is authentic but a few people have said it is fake because according to them SNs for 48 Pans began at 1001.

    As stated in my other thread I believe SNs for 48–56 Pans started at 1000 but what do AMCA judges say? Do they say 1000? Or do they say 1001? And regardless of which starting number they think is correct, how do they prove it to the owner of the abovementioned 48?

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    This is pretty easy to solve. Have his local H-D Dealer write a letter to the MoCo Service Department. Include pictures of both the serial number and the Line Bore Number. They will look at their records and tell you if the serial number and line bore number match their records. A Law Enforcement officer can also request this information. It I were judging I would say the 1000 was a good number.
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      I agree 1000 would be a good number for a 48 Pan. And it would be great to get confirmation from H-D regarding such a bike but one of the questions was how do AMCA judges prove what the starting number was to the owner? And by that I meant how do they prove it on the judging field?

      If the owner has to contact H-D, partly to ask about the start number, then it sounds like the AMCA has no proof regarding what the start number would be?