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Frame changes for 1954 Panheads

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    Cheers Eric. While trying to resolve the 54 frame issue I’ve run across certain publications I didn’t have so I ordered them. All contained good H-D info and although some had been compiled by outside sources, others were straight from the factory so it seems H-D is happy to make certain info available to the public.

    As for what happened with some frame blueprints/drawings, it’s hard to say. This one in particular is proving hard to find and now, going by a recent post in my wanted thread, it seems there may be even more confusion about what 47000-40A really is and what info it contains. And that’s one of the reasons why I’d like to see it posted.


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      Originally posted by Chris Haynes View Post
      Have you contacted the H-D Archives at the museum?

      I rang the museum in Sept 2017 and spoke to a guy who later emailed me, saying he’d contacted archives but was told they did not have info I was after. The museum did however give me the name of a Harley dealer in Ohio so I called him. No info there either but the dealer advised me to ring a certain other person in his state who had some early H-D literature. I rang him and something he checked was his Dealer News from August 53. It consisted of about twenty pages but it didn’t mention new frames for 54 and he thought a frame change may have occurred mid-season.

      In Oct 2017 I rang places here in Australia and was given the address of someone who apparently worked only part-time at the archives so I emailed him at his usual workplace. He said ‘no literature that describes this here’ but because his reply was short I tried again. His second response was much longer … and unfriendly. He said the info I was looking for ‘wasn’t documented’ and he said he had told Bruce Palmer the same thing.

      Last month I emailed the AMCA archivist and he suggested I contact a certain other person at the H-D museum so I rang but was directed to an answering machine. I tried a few more times and was later given his address so I emailed him two weeks ago but no reply thus far.

      I also notice you commented today in my wanted thread so I’ll post a response there.


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        Years ago all of the drawings were being phased out. They were offered to the archives but they showed no interest is getting them. They were disposed of. The only copy of the one in question that I know of is in Bruce's library. Obviously he chooses not to share it with you.
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          Is this sort of response really necessary?
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            Chris, in 2012 you suggested I contact Bruce about the new book he was working on and let him know about omissions and errors I’d found in the FE. I was happy to share my info so I emailed him and I also advised that I’d been investigating six areas in particular: SNs and BNs including different types of characters used by H-D; additional original component identifying numbers; casting info including DCs for engines and transmissions; changes to BT trans cases, lids and kicker covers; BT four-speed swingarm frames; and BT round swingarms.

            Over the next two weeks I sent ten emails with my info. And following Bruce’s responses to most of them I then replied and included several further photos to support my opinions. Later that year I sent another three emails and in 2013 I sent a few more. I don’t recall being described by the word you used above.

            After the SE was released in 2014 there was a thread on CAI: ‘Palmer’s new book errors’
            Remember it? I didn’t start that thread but I posted in it at least ten times and again I was happy to share my info including photos to support my opinions.

            And if I find drawing/cross-reference 47000-40A, I’ll be happy to share that too.


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              Well after following this thread, I am pretty sure my 54FL22** engine goes into the first flat tube, wishbone frame, which kind is kind of a bummer bc I have a later '57 straight leg frame, I was going to use, which I still may. I do not think that I have ever seen a flat bar wishbone frame.


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                Ryan, from this thread how did you conclude your 22** would go in the first WB frame? In my first post one of the things I asked was at what stage, as far as engine SNs are concerned, did the second WB appear. But nobody provided the answer.

                At post #13 I again asked about the change from first WB to second WB and I mentioned contradictions in the 37–64 SE. I don’t have the TE (36–65) but I know some text in it is different to the SE. But is the TE correct?

                Drawing/cross-reference 47000-40A contains info. On occasion it is said to list dates of frame changes for 54s or that it is a list of changes with dates. One change is apparently second WB to SL although the changeover point has been contradicted more than once which is part of the reason why I’d like to see the drawing/cross-reference/list of changes posted. As for the change from first WB to second WB, that is one of the things I asked in this thread but my question went unanswered and that’s another reason why I’d like to see the drawing.