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41-46 Gas Tank Trim - Need Help

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  • 41-46 Gas Tank Trim - Need Help

    Thanks scic for the advise on sealing tanks. Here is my next question for folks that have 41-46 Harley tanks..... I am having trouble with the tank trim pieces (strips) that divide the tank on 41-46 Harley's. My trim piece on one tank does not want to grab onto the mount, especially on the tight turns at the front and rear portion of the tank. One tank side is fine. Anyone have advise on how to get the tank trim to stay. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem. Some time soon I will load a picture up since I am getting close to finishing my 46 Knuckle. Hopefully it will look like it came off of the show room floor.

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    41-46 trim

    Ok what are the varibles? are you using NOS trim, NOS mounts? or repop of either or a mix and match? were the tanks dented and repaired? throw us a bone and we can help. FatDog


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      OK, here goes.. they are repop mounts and repop trim. V-twin is the distributor. The tanks had no dents in them at all. I did put several coats of flight red paint on the tanks including the mounts.
      Thanks for any advise.


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        Rule #1: don't use repop trim
        Rule #2: don't paint the mounts!
        Rule #3: learn rules 1 &2 before plodding ahead!
        Now you must trim paint off with exacto knife while making sure you don't hurt the fibnish in the bike. You can help this with Duct tape along the trim. Then form the trim by slowly fitting it to the curvature of the tanks piece by piece. this will take time, and don't bend it too far as it will tweak the trim and it will be useless. You might need to call me on this and I will be gone this weekend, email me your phoe and a good time to reach you and I will get back to you, FatDog