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1939 EL Paint Scheme

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  • 1939 EL Paint Scheme

    Originally posted this as a continuation of an old thread in the Knuckleheads section but it go it no responses.

    Looking for stripe and panel detail info for a 39 EL gas tanks. Please see the attached photos (I presume to be the teak red and black combo). Looking for measurements for A (black stripe width), B (red gap width) and C (perpendicular distance between the gas cap bung and the black stripe).

    Also, please see the 2 photos I have attached of a left side tank - does the placement of the striping as it relates to the shift gate bungs look accurate?

    Neither my painter nor I have original tanks to go off and I wont have an opportunity to hunt any down for personal inspection any time soon.

    Maybe there is no correct measurement and factory paint varies? Even knowing that would help. Other pics of 1939 factory paint tanks would help too.

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    I have been looking for this same information also.any information would be appreciated.