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Recent PPG Recommendation - Scratch, Ding & Gasoline Resist Clear

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  • Recent PPG Recommendation - Scratch, Ding & Gasoline Resist Clear

    This may be of interest to someone. I did post this on Virtual Indian some time ago.

    These are PPG Commercial Fleet coating products introduced to my employees by PPG in a (my) company research project and trained in their use by PPG. We have since sprayed a lot of the mentioned Fleet clear and it is indeed super hard and tough.

    Outside of work, personally I am using them now in a custom build based on a PPG Fleet Coatings technical representative and trainer's "unofficial" recommendation for motorcycles.

    While I was working with the team of PPG company technical representatives on a coatings research project in my business, one rep. (the head trainer for the Columbus, Ohio PPG fleet coating center) noticed I had an Indian at work with paint lifting on the tank at the bung from gasoline that I mentioned I would be repainting as well as another repainting for a custom build.

    He strongly recommended that PPG's Chemical Resistant clear coating (and associated total system) would be great for motorcycles subject to gasoline contact and also best because it forms the hardest surface among all their coatings and would be excellent protection against bangs and scratches, etc. The coating is a 2-parturethane. Curing time to full hardness is many days long and some heating or baking is recommended to achieve the hardest cure.

    While a glossy clear coat is not historical, those painting their bikes without regard to a historic lacquer surface may want to consider the following system PPG offers specifically for fuel and chemical trucks, buses, fire trucks, hard use commercial fleets, and heavy industrial vehicles for optimal protection. These products may not be immediately available at your local PPG products seller but can be ordered.

    DELFLEET "F" PRODUCTS ("F"" for "Fleet"):

    Primer: F3993/95/97 epoxy (aluminum will need one of their 'F" series wash primers first*).
    Color: FBC Basecoat (Note, not the common DBC base series)
    Clear: 3911 Chemical Resistant Clear Coat.

    *epoxies and other primers will not bond well to the oxide that naturally forms on aluminum completely within 24 hours of abrasive exposure of the metal. Conversion coatings create an artificially formed suitable oxide layer.

    F3911 is a bit challenging to spray because it is quick to run. A top-notch HVLP gun is recommended (we use Iwata's).

    If your bike is already painted, you can add the protection of the 3911 hard and chemical resistant clear to most existing clear coats or paints by sanding with 600 grit paper and cleaning with PPG DX330 wax and grease remover.
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