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  • Indian Chout 80" '25/'50

    Hi Everyone, the current situation in the world and work has afforded me a bunch of much needed extra time in the shop. I finally sourced the remaining neck casting I needed to start making the frame.

    Here is what I started with, a badly cut up '25 frame and a few castings. The piece of large OD pipe was originally going to be my new neck casting and about 6 hours into lathe work not shown I found an original. The I had this motor just waiting in the bark for this day.

    I was able to borrow this original frame (not the same year) to take some rough measurements from. In the background, on the frame, you can see the original tank tube casting showing how much taller the chief motor is. I added approximately 2' to the seat tube this raising the tank bar up the same and after fitting it up had to lean the seat tube back a few degrees as well. This did two fold as i will use that area between the seat tube and motor for the generator.

    Here you can see the pattern I made from the original top tube on the borrowed frame traced on the bench. I Filled the tube with sand and heated to bend. It is clamped in a V-block on one end and resting in a V-block on the other. When I bent it the other block was used a sliding guide to keep the tube and table co-planer

    I use self leveling lasers at work (carpenter) often and this is a fine use for them too! this allows me to reference all tubes against each other for a dead straight end product, as long as your initial datum is perfect. This frame took a pretty good hit in the floorboard at one point requiring some strightining of the sub assembly to get to this point. The New tubes going into the neck appear long but are only 2' longer than original, I had to cut to some bad tubing

    Here are the two frames next to each other, This was my final proportions check before brazing the castings. The modified frame looks a lot bigger in this photo but its mostly the angle of the shot. I will be back later today with more photos

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    Nice job Dan. Bud Catlett who was a city cop here in town and a member of our club back in the thirties and was our road captain in the eighties always rode a choat. It was a thirty chief in a thirty scout frame. That bike is still around today. Boy, would that thing fly and handle like it was on a string. Bud's the reason we have the Bud Catlett rule today. Any member over 65 can ride any year machine on an official AMCA event. I can hardly wait to see your finished project.


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      A few more updates to present.

      Here i am with the frame all jigged up brazing. I initially was going to make a set of cones to go through the head tube to hold it plumb, level, square but the tubes fit so tight it wasn't needed. All the tubing splices were put together with inner sleeves made on the lathe and rosette welded, For the seat tube i made a sliding sleeve so the final piece of the puzzle could be butted up and the inner sleeve slid down into the seat tube.

      Here are a few of the brazed connections, came out pretty well but brazing is always so messy. A few of the castings had some defects from when they were de-tubed in the past. I repaired them before fitting up by big welding with nickel rod. There are a few small spots at the very edges on the seat casting where the tubing enters that chipped away but I will fillet braze them separately and file them to shape. They have no ill effect on the strength of the joint as the tubes fit in the castings 1 1/2 inches minimum

      Seat, top and tank tube junction

      Seat, top and tank tube junction

      downtube to steering head junction
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        updates to present


        Tank tube and down tube junction


        I made a cardboard gas tank and lettered it just for fun. I like the way it looks as its the exact size of the real tank it fits in the frame opening pretty well despite the frame being a little longer there. I will split the difference and slightly raise the mounts to make it evenly spaced.



        Right now I have a junior scout front end fitted up but depending on how it looks when its on the ground may switch to a 741 I have that someone narrowed long ago, its a bit longer, and id like to run a 19" wheel but we will see. I am going to work on the rear section later in the week and will update again soon. STAY TUNED!


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          Any details on the engine?
          The Linkert Book


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            Originally posted by kitabel View Post
            Any details on the engine?
            Nothing of note, It will receive a full rebuild, cylinder flow testing, and dyno tuning here in my shop before the project is wrapped up


            Heres a set of sport scout cylinders I did recently
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              Progress on the rear section and upper motor mount

              I was able to tackle the rear section of the frame on Wednesday afternoon. I started by bending a scrap piece of .875 DOM tube in the bender to figure out the angle for the seat stays. Started with a 5 degree bend about 4' up from the rear axle plate and after several increments settled with 9 degrees. This allowed the tube to fit squarely in both the seat casting and axle plate with one exception. With the whole top of the frame being about 2" higher to accommodate the motor the angle where the tube meets the axle plate was all wrong. My father and I wrestled with a few ideas to make everything meet up nicely including some sort of s bend in the tube but in the end decided that all of those solutions would be rather ugly looking.


              Identical bent tubes, was a little tricky to account for the amount of springback in the tubes


              Here is the axle plate mounted up in the mill. Our solution was to take a small relief cut at the base of the casting and seat stay intersection, heat and bend. This will be welded and dressed down at the end and invisible once painted. In the photo I am indicating the axle slot. I wanted to open up the slot for a 3/4 axle if I desire. I can always go down in size with a thin reducer on the axle itself but want the options of better brakes if I desire. I also wanted to make sure the axle plates were flat on the clamping face. They were a little warped probably from a 100 years of riding so they got faced off a few thou to perfection.


              Here is the right side all mocked up with the relief cut in the axle plate, fits pretty good and looks just like the exact "short scout" look Im aiming for
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                Progress on the rear section and upper motor mount


                I forgot to take pictures of the brazing fixture before I brazed it together, I consisted of an angle plate from my bridgeport, a few bolts with jam nuts to "rack the castings left and right and the laser again to check the plumb, level, square. You can see in the photo the later across the bar in the axle slots, square to that up the seat tube and off in the distance directly centered up the backbone and on to the neck casting.


                Heres a sideview, please ignore the 21" wheel, Just checking some dimensions.


                On to the upper motor mount, cut the corner out of a 3/4 thick plate I had to make the mount. I had about 1/2" space between the upper mount and frame tube so I took the 3/4 and coped the 1 1/8 tube shape out 1/4 deep. Faced off all 6 sides on the mill and etch a sketched the cope out.


                finished and testing fit


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                  Progress on the rear section and upper motor mount


                  Other side view, ready to lift the motor up and braze into position. Notice the faint laser down the tube. I like to leave it on during the fitting process to ensure alignment on all items. Forgot to show it but I also used it to lign up the motor on the case joint as well.


                  fitted up tight and ready to braze


                  All brazed up and ready for clean up with the file and sandpaper. I am waiting on some cams for my sport scout so dependent on if they come I will work on the lower mount this weekend


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                    Thanks for the pictures, nice work you are doing.


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                      very cool, impressive work. Keep the updates coming.


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                        What did you construct the inner sleeves of?


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                          Hi Paul, DOM tubing turned down on the lathe