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1977 Sportster Partial Rebuild

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    Originally posted by craig (DE) View Post

    Thanks Mike! I will try your suggestion the next time I post a picture. Let me know if you need any stock photos on parts or other items since my 77' is stock other than some chrome.
    Excellent and many thanks

    Mike Love


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      Originally posted by ihrescue View Post
      Rear fender front bracket replacement

      Finding a replacement was moderately difficult at the time I was looking. The Rear Fender front bracket that came on the bike was pretty chewed up, possibly by a wild final drive chain based on the damage and its adjacency to the final drive.


      The bracket as pictured above should have about 1-1/2 inches and a curve to the left.

      Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 3.10.09 PM.png

      The one I did obtain was used and somewhat bent up. But I did get it for an "as is" price. I was able make it right by banging, bending and burnishing also known as a "BQubed" preservation technique, and got it into pretty good shape to be repainted.


      Oh shoot I messed up the whole punch location in the rubber foam but a little adjust was good enough. Don't judge me. .

      Here is the rear fender front bracket mounted to the frame. This has been in the parts catalog since 1952 so I am thinking this was on the Harley- Davidson K Model. At some point they anticipated the flexion of the rear fender and fixed the fender to the fender supports (struts) only and not the frame. So the rear fender actually hovers like a cantilever over the wheel not unlike some of the modern motorcycles.


      Never did find a reasonable replacement rubber pad that serves as the cushion for the movement of the rear fender so I improvised with rubber foam camper to pick up bed insulation seen in use above). It was the nominal width of the OEM pad and the price was right - inexpensive and a big roll of it.


      Where did you find 1/2 x 2 foam strip? I’m coming up zero on searches.


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        I would check with a shop that dose custom motorcycle seats and alterations to motorcycle seats.
        Jim D


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          I managed to find a 25ft roll of 1/2 X 2”


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            Originally posted by Panhead View Post

            Where did you find 1/2 x 2 foam strip? I’m coming up zero on searches.
            Here is a link to Amazon. They have a whole bunch of different sizes.

            Mike Love


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              Well done, mike.