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1947 Harley Davidson Weidenhoff Generator Test Bench - Research Project

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  • 1947 Harley Davidson Weidenhoff Generator Test Bench - Research Project

    In the 1947 Harley Davidson Accessory Catalog there was a Generator Test Bench available. It was shown as part number 11833-47 and cost $483.00.

    I have test bench serial number 005 and 006. I found serial number 004 listed on Antique Automobile Website but have no idea of its current location. Wheels Through Time Museum has serial numbers 018 and 024.

    At this time, I have located 5 of these test benches. My intention is to get the two benches I have fully functional with test generators mounted so people can see how these were used. I would be interested in connecting with anyone else who has one (Send me a private message) to try to get an idea of how many of these were actually sold and still exist.

    In the catalog advertisement there is a load box shown in the photo (it is in the center below the motor shaft). Of the 5 I have found so far only SN005 has the load box attached.

    I am interested in the following:

    1. If someone has an original 1947 Accessory Catalog showing this that they would sell, please contact me. I know there are repros on ebay.
    2. I know there was an operators manual available for this bench - if you have one for sale or would make a copy that would be helpful.
    3. It is possible that these were sold past 1947. If you have later accessory catalogs that show this for sale, the information is helpful. Wheels Through Time has one with a later Knucklehead/Panhead decal on it which is different from the photo in the 1947 catalog.

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    ...a little trivia: $483 in 1947 would be equivalent to $6,668 today (this is according to an internet website that calculates such things!)
    Pisten Bulley is Harry Roberts in Vermont.


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      The Harley dealer in Cincinnati had one in their warehouse where they kept their obsolete parts. By the time they agreed to sell me parts out of the warehouse it was gone. Curses!! I sure would have liked to have had it.