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splitdorf ns magneto weak spark

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  • splitdorf ns magneto weak spark

    i have a 1932 iindian chief with an splitdorf ns magneto it has very tiny spark looking for possible causes i can check before i remove it and have it rebuilt ,thanks chris

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    clean and gap points.
    Check that plugs and wires are non resistor type and good condition.
    Check cap and rotor condition.


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      Also over time the magnets in the magnetos get weak so does the spark and there are people out there that can reenergize the magnets for better spark without rebuild but will most likely need to be removed . Call Morris magneto nice person 973 540 9171 might even have some rare earth magnets (stronger) for your magneto.



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        Save yourself some trouble. Remove the mag and go through the entire rebuild process, including recharging the magnet. Don't ever let someone tell you they can simply charge the magnet and hand it to you, then install it in the mag. Even with a keeper installed, you will loose a big part of the charge. The magnet should be charged when installed on the mag and never removed , that way it will hold the maximum charge. If the magnet is removed for any reason, it MUST be charged again! There are also a number of other little issues inside the mag that can cause issues, so get them all addressed at once! Be sure to mark all the gears when you pull the timing cover off, resetting the timing is chore!


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          I’d second what Gene said. He actually gave me the confidence to rebuild my mag. I got this book ‘How to Build a Magneto Magnetizer’ from Amazon and some scrap steel from the junk yard here. Once You finished rebuilding the mechanics you just put the mag between the poles of the magnetizer. Be warned, the lights dim a little when you turn it on, None of it is hard , just take lots of pics so you can put it back together the way it came.

          Here’s a pic of the magnetizer.

          Good Luck,
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            thank you for all the info..... also what point gap are people running.. indian says 20 but..... also would replacing the coil with a better one improve spark? thanks


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              Here is a link to a page on my web site that may be helpful. It's an older article from Steve Blancard, great info !

              Of course a new coil would be better than an old one, especially if the old one is weak. New condenser and points too! When fitting the coil, make absolutely sure that the base of the coil is perfectly flat as are the pole shoe bases on the mag body where the coil is mounted. This needs to be a clean, flat and tight connection!

              If my memory serves, the point gap as stated in the Splitdorf book is .015". However, I use the point gap as one way to dial in precisely the correct timing. .001" variation in gap corresponds to one or two degrees of advance as I recall, may be off on the numbers. Bottom line, start at .015 and adjust a bit if needed to dial in the timing. Once you get it set, write that number inside the mag for future setting. On my 24 Chief Cannonball bike, I set the points at .022 and had .500" of advance, which is quite a lot but I used the spark control just as much as the throttle to keep everything dialed in just right while chugging down the road.

              Nice work by the way Dana!


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                well i replaced the coil and i have a big bright blue spark....thanks for the advice