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Indian Clutch Hub Nut Wrench

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  • Indian Clutch Hub Nut Wrench

    Back in Nov-Dec 2019 issue of club magazine there was a How to article on making a Indian Clutch Hub Nut Wrench starting with a six point impact socket. Before I attempt
    to fabricate one, I was wondering if anyone knew if these every went into production? Thanks

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    I replied to that article in 'Nuts and Bolts' about the Indian clutch hub nut wrench. As stated in the "Want A Wrench?" section, as advised, I sent an e-mail with “Indian Wrench” in the subject line to: AMCAtools@ I never received a response. I would also like to know if any were produced / available?


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      Here's the Greer's wrench, it gets the job done... but probably not as well as the one in the article, that looks great. Greer's is 16" long so you can get some good leverage with it:

      Pisten Bully is Harry Roberts in Vermont.


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        another option is to get an 1 5/8 box wrench with slight offset and just grind a notch in the end just big enought to slip over the mainshaft,and grind the face flat to fit better over the thin nut.
        No welding.


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          I did as Tom suggests, Folks,..


          The welding and carving upon the handle allows it to hold the nut firmly by resting upon the case; Face it, there is barely enough swing to use the wrench upon the nut alone, but it can secure the nut while the basket is then threaded into it, using the "spanner" shown here at the bottom. (It also can pull a sticky basket.)


          Then you know its torqued properly, and saves enormous time when swapping shims, especially if the powerplant is still in the chassis!

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            Thanks; Harry, Tom & Cotten
            I'll try modifying a box wrench; my sawing, grinding and filing skills surpass any lathe work I would attempt.


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              So. . . I've been working on my version of the tools for the Indian Transmission and clutch basket:
              Pictures show 1 + 5/8 inch open end-box wrench. Some measuring; cutting; grinding and more cutting
              and grinding to get it to fit inside transmisson case and grab Clutch Sprocket nut:

              Trans wrench Start A.jpgIndian Trans Wrench D.JPGTrans wrench Fit.jpg


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                These photos show early try to build clutch basket puller. Materials were limited so started with
                old circular saw blade (Remember EARLY attemp). Blade seems too thin and flexible if used would need
                to use 2 or 3 for stiffness AND Braze weld blade knock out at saws center.

                Indian Trans tools Z.JPG


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                  Final picture is . . .. That's right my wife bought me a proper set of tools from Geers!
                  (I DID have a GREAT Christmas).

                  Indian Trans Tools Done!.JPG