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  • Great service from the folks as

    I ordered a replacement battery for my 77 FLH and it came with one of the lead terminals snapped off. Man, was I pissed! I love their Scorpion brand batteries for the old Shovel and I have ordered from there before. I called the next day and spoke to an actual human! She asked if the shipping box looked like it was damaged in shipping, and it sure did. She asked me to take a few pictures of the box and the battery with the snapped off terminal, so I did and sent them to her. No more questions asked. A new battery was shipped out immediately. No waiting for a claim from the USPS, no BS and I didn't even have to return the broken one. It's unfortunate that it happened, but dang! These folks took care of it. FAST! It's good to know that there are still places in the dot com world that actually give a damn about the live humans on the other end of the transaction.


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    ...just hit the “like” button, good to hear about vendors doing it right.
    Pisten Bulley is Harry Roberts in Vermont.


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      It is always good to hear of a recommendation of a company that gives good service. It sets the standard of how customer service should be.