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Can a hyper-link be used from outside? Let's find out

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  • Can a hyper-link be used from outside? Let's find out

    I wanted to see if we can reduce the size of a link by just posting it as a hyper link. Let's check it out. I am creating this topic and submitting it and then I will go get a link to another post and edit this topic with the link as hyper text. Also including some antique bike eye candy just for interest.

    Here is a Link To Antique Wheel Restoration it is a recent forum topic I think is interesting.

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    Regrettably we cannot create a text base per link in our forum texts. We can make it in Word and copy and paste it here however. Not exactly convenient. The problem is our forum topics have a URL link that is very low and if you are using it in other media to refer back here it is cumbersome and also there is a risk that your link can get broken and the intended reader will not be able to successfully access to info you want them to.



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      I am going to try this again. I want a link right HERE


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        Nope that didn't work.