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Happy Veterans Day 2020!

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  • Happy Veterans Day 2020!

    Sincere thanks to all who served. I hope you have a great day and know how much you are appreciated. Thank you!
    Eric Olson
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    My family has a letter written by my father's father to my grandmother on November 11, 1918 that an armistice had been announced, mailed from France where he has with the American Expeditionary Force. We still have his "AEF" canvas knapsack and a full clip of 8mm Mauser K98 cartridges.
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        In Memory of Billy Wolff, WW1 veteran, who became Lincoln, Nebraska's Harley-Davidson dealer. My Dad traded his '27 for a new '29, but couldn't afford it on a farm boy's income and had to turn the '29 back into Billy. In 1970, when Dad visited me when i was in my freshman year at college in Lincoln, we went down and visited Billy at his bicycle shop. Billy remembered my Dad. Later on, after Billy got out of the motorcycle business, he was a leading force in popularizing bicycles in Lincoln; there is a bike trail named after Billy. I have collected what I've been able to find on the internet about Billy. About 6 years ago there was an article on the internet by a guy who was rummaging through a dumpster in Lincoln and found the attached sign as well as a trunk of molding, irreparably water damaged WW1 items including what was a military uniform; probably Billy's. Take a moment of silence to appreciate what little remains of a man who was present on the the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month at the time when the war to end all wars came to a close.

        Billy Wolff 1917.jpgBilly Wolff ad.jpgBilly Wolff Cycles sign.jpgBilly Wolff gravestone.jpgBilly Wolff whoopee.jpg
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          My grandfather was an Army field hospital surgeon with Pershing in WW1. Have his service medals from the Musee- Argonne fight as well as others Can not begin to imagine what he went through in seeing men so brutally wounded. This was the first war where such horrific weapons were unleashed on man. The transition from the Civil War to modern warfare of WW2. Our family still calls it Armistice Day. It is also my mothers birthday! Had an uncle and other relatives in WW2 and have a letter written on Prinz Eugen (the pocket battleship that escorted the Bismark) stationary on that ship at the Bikini Atoll atomic tests. Eye witness account of two days of tests. Had another cousin who was sub skipper in the Pacific and uncle who was on a destroyer in the Pacific. My Dad flew tree top level bombing mission in Korea. And have two nephews who have or are serving today. One Marine and one Navy. I thank all of them and all the others who have or are serving our country and defending the freedoms we hold so dear. THANK YOU one and all!!!

          Tom (Roll) Hardy
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            --Wonderful Stories Steve & Tom.
            Found this while looking around for Billy Wolff.

            **A winning motorcyclist, thought to be Billy Wolff, proudly displays his trophy at the Nebraska State Fair grounds on July 6, 1947.
            Nebraska State Historical Society.

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