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    More than sad news about Eddie . I saw him early on their first tour in my home town,in the second row right in front of him playing that white guitar with black stripes . They were not yet famous and Ed had something to prove. It was the best display of musicianship I've ever witnessed to this date .He was a major influence on me and many, many across the world Ed is the only musician I know of,that the whole world took notice of as soon as he hit the airwaves. A true American success story , came here with nothing and made it to the top .R.I.H EDDIE

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    I saw him live twice, once in early 90's with Hagar at Jones Beach Theater, second time around 2005 I guess with David at the Nassau Coliseum. Both shows were amazing, I have been listening to his music since I started listening to music. Huge influence for sure, but most of my speeding tickets happened while listening to AC/DC.

    RIP Eddie.


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      Originally posted by shermanpup View Post
      .R.I.H EDDIE
      What is 'H'?


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        Heaven sir


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          Thank you. Makes sense but never saw that sentiment abbreviated as such.


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            **Years ago i read somewhere that the only DUI Eddie received was leaving an AA Meeting on his motorcycle. His former wife, Valerie Bertinelli was quoted...''Eddie could ride the wheel off a Motorcycle, but he scared the bejeebies outta' me every time he left the house on his Bike''.
            c1f4e2890d7dddbf2438f4842214c844.jpg >>>Eddie's VH Tribute 1991 H-D Softail.
            DgP-U3WUwAEI4xi.jpg >>>Confederate Wraith B120 ($92,000), one of only 50 ever built. Eddie is on his serial #1.
            magicmountain_undertray.jpg >>>American Success story Van Halen Brothers.

            **Seen VH a bunch of times, and Eddie Van Halen *R.i.P.* will always be an innovator on the 6 string.

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              Lucky to see him perform twice, second time with David Lee Roth, and didn't realize it was the last time to ever see Eddie and the band. Need to think about that when these old bands perform. Always have a Van Halen CD in the truck. RIP
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