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Stolen Vincent from Australia to AZ

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  • Stolen Vincent from Australia to AZ

    HI from down under, Australia, My name is Scott Humphries.

    Around 12 months ago I had my 47 Vincent Rapide stole in a fraudulent sale
    through E:bay. The bike was just restored, sold for $47,000 Usd. There was
    a notice put on your site under British Bikes, Vincent. As follows which is
    still there.

    "Anyone know or heard of a guy named Ted Van Sickle? Rick Nelson, Art Neilsen, Ted Seymor and Rick Vincent, Vincentcollector, AZparts, AZspares and Carolyn Van Sickle. son Jeff? Arizona."

    Much has taken place in the past 12 months. We have recovered the bike in parts. The thiefs name and his wife are now known to us. There is an active investigation underway with the FBI and Phoenix police, backed by the Arizona Attorney General.

    The total known fraud now includes 18 people, more than $400,000 Usd. People in at least four countries apart from the USA.

    Is it possible to put a more widely read message up on your site. We are
    aware that he has been actively trading Harley, Indian and BMW parts. We are
    aware that he has stolen motorcycles which have been broken down for parts
    and sold, mainly on E:bay, but also on craigs list, Arizona backpage, in
    fact anywhere. We believe there are more people involved. We know it is hard
    to get any attention from authorities in these matters.

    Some of the hallmarks of these people include being very hard to ever meet
    orinspect the product, the transaction is always awkward in the way payments
    are made, transport is arranged or in other ways. He likes to talk, he is
    usually well versed in his subject. He always has what you want when you are
    discussing the current item for sale. He usually has a bike or parts or
    engine from a very famous racer, rider owner. There is no providence to
    these claims. Often his wife will talk on the phone. He will always use a
    mobile phone, his e:mail will always be hotmail or other public mail

    They Live in Phoenix or Mesa Arizona and seem to be comfortable in revealing
    that they live there. They will always use addresses that belong to His
    business, usually a mail house or rented post box. He will arrange delivery
    or pickup from these addresses and uses a third party to pick up for him.

    There are many many names, many e:bay addresses. The ones listed are common ones used, we are aware of more.

    I am keen to hear from anyone who may have been caught by these people. They can also contact Detective Don Briese from Phoenix Police,

    It is possible that some of your members have been caught up and they can
    assist in putting these people behind bars where they belong.

    I have included a before and after photo for your interest.

    Kind regards

    Scott Humphries
    Sydney Australia

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    I 'll get a rope and as soon as we find these people, well you know the rest.