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Stolen 2014 Cannonball Parts, Tools & Gear

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  • Stolen 2014 Cannonball Parts, Tools & Gear

    Hello AMCA members - With 2015 underway and this years new Swap Meets about to kick in, I would like to re-remind everyone about the stolen 2014 CB parts, tools and gear.
    Here is a detailed list of my 1919 J Engine - VIN # L19A12738.
    All of my spare parts, tools were stored in Black plastic totes, with Yellow tops. I had 4 tubes, full of J parts and accessories - See detailed list below.
    I hope when you are out there at the swap meets, open eyes are looking - Thanks - David Lloyd #54 2014 Cannonball rider:

    Stolen Gear of David Lloyd

    4 black containers with yellow tops

    Container #1
    Oil, spray lubes, fluids, cleaners, grease gun, oil can

    Container #2
    4 or 5 Harley manuals
    2 sets of J engine gaskets
    2 Dewalt storage boxes (misc Harley bolts and parts)
    10 box of 5 hour energy drinks
    10 box of Cliff Protein bars
    Spark plug cleaner air machine
    6 volt battery charger

    Container #3
    6 volt rebuilt Generator
    New electronic voltage regulator
    5 new 530 diamond chains - $80ea
    Linkert M18 rebuilt carburator
    6 volt Power cell Battery - new
    New 40 tooth rear sprocket
    New 18 tooth engine sprocket
    New Panhead brake shoes
    VL brake shoes
    (2) Early Timers
    Harley intake manifold with nuts and peek seals
    Harley 6 volt coil - dual output
    Harley clutch pack and disc
    K&N 3x3 air filter
    Outer wear rain sock for 3 in K&N
    Outer wear rain sock for 6 in K&N

    Container #4
    Rebuilt early J Harley transmission
    Box of special Harley tools - 25 special made Harley tools
    (2) 19 inch tubes
    Box of misc transmission gears and internal parts
    Complete VL front Brake Drum & Shoes
    VL Front Brake Cable
    (4) NOS VL condensors

    Other missing parts
    1919 Harley J Engine on stand in wooden crate
    VIN # L19A12738

    1 complete mounted 19 in Harley VL wheel
    1 complete mounted 19 in Harley J wheel
    1 19 in Firestone AVS tire

    Kuryakin tombstone rear bag
    (4) Ratchet Tie-down straps
    Set of Snap-on Ratchet Wrenches - BOERF708A
    Set of Snap-on Socket Wrenches - FHO607B
    Snap-on Multi Screwdriver set - SSDMR4BO
    Snap-on Pliers - 91ACP
    Intake Wrench - Comp Dist
    Snap-on Crescent wrench set - 4 piece set - BLPADJ404
    Clutch wrenches
    Spoke wrench
    Temperture Heat Gun
    Digital Fluke multi-meter - model 117
    Motion Pro TDC degree wheel
    Chain breaker tool
    Chain clamp tool
    Chain vice tool
    Lezyne Hand air pump
    Jumper wires
    19 in tube
    6 volt extra battery
    6 volt coil
    4 - .530 master links
    4 - Fuel filters
    Linkert carb kit
    Tube repair kit
    Fuel line
    8 spark plugs
    CO2 cartridges
    3 pair - Work gloves
    2 tire spoon tools
    Wire ties
    Wiring harness
    Spark plug wires
    Feeler gauges
    Point file

    Riding duffel Bag - black bag w/ orange "Papa Hog" Logo
    Shoei NeoTech full face helmet (silver)
    Uclear Wireless Communication - HBC200
    Harley 1/2 helmet (black)
    Harley 2 piece rain suit - orange & black
    Heavy duty Harley rain pants - black
    Arlen Ness riding jacket - yellow / black with #54 on back
    Full length Riding leather boots sz 10 - black Chippwea
    3/4 length leather boots sz 10 - brown
    3 pair riding gloves - light, leather, heavy thick
    Waist support Velcro belt - (Autozone logo)
    4 pair riding goggles - with readers
    Harley Davidson Leather chaps - lg
    Orange Harley Davidson Sweater
    Riding face mask - black
    Neck tube - wrap
    Harley Davidson boot gaiters ex-lg
    2 pair of work gloves
    1 Harley toboggan
    Camel backpack water bag
    Orange hunting vest
    Antique leather helmet
    1 Cherokee club ball cap
    1 camo ball cap with LED
    Team CCM Silver Jacket
    Team CCM Ball Cap #54

    David Lloyd - 901-277-7710 mobile - davidlloyd44@comcast.net1919RebuildAug2011 (4).jpgIMG_1171.jpgIMG_9655.jpgIMG_7975.JPG
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    Please note VIN # on J engine displayed with degree wheel is NOT the stolen engine - That picture is the current one in the bike today - Posted incorrect VIN picture - David
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        I've responded to your earlier posting after these parts were taken by some low-life, candy-ass coward (yes, I re-edited up my language as this is a family based club). My heart drops every time I read through it. The photos are a help. Hopefully all members will be vigilant - I know I'll be.
        Bill Pedalino
        Huntington, New York
        AMCA 6755