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    Dear Chapter Presidents / Board Members / Editors;

    A topic of ongoing concern in all Clubs is that the annual calendar each year is exceptionally full of all types of non-AMCA motorcycling events that directly compete with your clubs annual event(s). Another topic of concern is how do we as a Chapter find new potential members to replace the normal attrition of members that pass away, leave the club or otherwise just not participate / volunteer as they used to? "New Blood" in any Chapter is a necessary element to retain a certain level of membership size, and to keep the club enthusiastic, energized and active in the AMCA. Instead of competing with other large local/regional events at times it just makes sense to participate as a Chapter in the competing event. Let them have the expense of planning, marketing, security, leases, insurance & trash detail etc... and simply "piggy-back for your Chapters benefit." By simply attending these events with a few Club Members, setting up a small folding card table with a stack of AMCA Magazines, AMCA Brochures, membership forms and hanging your Chapter Banner up, you get a lot of free exposure for your club.

    This past Sunday we did so at The Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride in Austin TX. Had we not had Chapter Members attend, no Vintage Motorcycles would have been at the event. We also dressed a few non-Chapter Members in period correct 30's/40's vintage clothing so they could mingle with their normal sphere of friends. Our Chapter got a lot of exposure for free with these 20/30 Something age group riders whom all loved our older machines, we gained a few new members and all ages and types of riders had fun in the process.

    Experimentation with events such as this can be a fun way to get your Chapter and the AMCA better known in your area. Make sure you post such pictures in your Chapter Newsletter and on your Chapter Website so the effort gets additional benefit after the event as well.

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    Steve Klein
    Collector . Conservator . Enthusiast
    American Pre-teens - 1965
    AMCA Member 12176
    Cherokee Chapter President, Editor
    Georgetown, TX USA

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    Steve, my name is Gary Barker, I am the founding member and President of the (proposed Deep South Chapter of he AMCA) covering Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. We are in Step Two of becoming a chapter. When we started we had 15 current AMCA Members and we did just what you are talking about15094840_1546084598740880_933260163591943471_n (1).jpg. The Mobile Bay Vintage Motorcycle Club, a non AMCA Club, put on a show here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and we set up a table with the AMCA banner and our Chapter banner and we pick up 15 new member that were inbeded AMCA members to our Group. All in All we had a Great day and this Technic works.


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      Nicely done Gary !


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        You just opened up a can of worms.
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