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Harley VL Oil Pump/Cotrol Cable Adjustment

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  • Harley VL Oil Pump/Cotrol Cable Adjustment

    Another question on my recently running 1931 VL. According to Riders Handbook and replies on this website I have attached control cable to control arm on oil pump so oil pump is fully open with handlebar grip at full throttle. Then I attach (m88) carb lever to control cable. The "throw" on carb lever is less then "throw" on oil pump lever (almost 50% less). Now with both the carb throttle lever and oil pump lever attached to the control cable, when I twist handlebar grip to full throttle, the oil pump only opens to slightly over 1/2 way open due to shorter "throw " of carb throttle lever. In other word when carb is at full throttle, the oil pump is only slightly over half way open. Is this normal/correct. I know I am using incorrect carb (m88), but the "throw" on correct linkert carb throttle lever should be the same. Thanks!

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    Dear Buster, check the throttle splitter under the tank, where the carburetor control rod and oiler control wire join with a travelling block. If you shift that block you should find a sweet spot where the throttle lever is fully open just as the oil pump is also wide open.


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      Thanks Steve, I will try it again.


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        I think I possibly have wrong throttle lever which would create wrong ratio at carb. Is the straight (not S shaped) 1238-24 throttle lever correct for the 1931 model? Thanks!


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          Yup, that's the flat one you need. The early VL carbs sit higher so you need that throttle lever to fit under the head steady bolt nut.