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Speedway Chapter swap meet

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  • Speedway Chapter swap meet

    Does anyone have anything to report on the Speedway Chapter swap meet? Turnout of vendors/buyers? Comments?

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    I have no for sure knowledge but have heard rumors that is was a hit. Be nice if someone would post something and even better some pics if they have them. I'm laid up doing cancer chemo treatments post surgery so I haven't been anywhere this year. If rumors are true then might have to put this on the 2021 list of ones to do.

    Tom (Rollo) Hardy
    AMCA #12766


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      The meet had a very good vendor turnout, I estimate 200 vendors with a lot of parts I had not seen before at previous meets. The street foot traffic was sparse and the people I talked to had just stumbled upon the meet. Beautiful weather the entire week. They need to work on food vendors for the morning crowd and hot showers. Overall I though it was a very good meet for the short time they had to organize the event and well worth the trip. In my opinion the vendor turnout was high because of the cancellation of the "other" meet, in the future they would do well to schedule the week before or the week after to catch those coming or going. Sorry, no pictures.


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        I thought it was a good meet too. I managed to get there Friday around noon and it seemed like a good turnout, both vendors and searchers of parts.
        Found a few treasures too, both in the form of parts, and in people too!


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          Encouraging reports! Hope to see more comments and pics.

          Tom (Rollo( Hardy