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2020 Yankee Chapter National Meet

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  • 2020 Yankee Chapter National Meet

    April 15, 2020

    The most frustrating part of our being quarantined at home is our mutual inability to reach out and help each other. Your Yankee Chapter BOD unanimously hopes every one of our members and their loved ones are safe and well, remains so, and comes through this pandemic unscathed. If there is anything we can do to help you or you know of anyone in need please reach out to me or any member of our BOD. You can find our email addresses in the C.C. part of this message’s header.
    Presently Connecticut and Massachusetts have two of the worst outbreaks of the Coronavirus within the U.S. At this time, we don’t know when it will be ‘safe’ for us to resume our normal lives. Nationally, many AMCA events are being postponed or canceled for this year. For the most up to date schedule for AMCA events please visit the National website at
    Your entire BOD is still committed to having our annual Terryville National Meet. We know the longer we delay taking part in any gathering the safer our Terryville Meet will be. Being a traditionalist, I tend to resist any change to my normal rhythm of life. However, when the Terryville Lions graciously offered us the opportunity to reduce our risk of contracting the virus by delaying our National Meet to September 10th through the 13th we quickly seized the opportunity. Because of the AMCA’s continuing support, regardless of its date, our meet will remain a National event!
    Please mark your calendar. Terryville is still on and will be held on September 10th through the 13th. We look forward to seeing each of you there.

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    I hope to add this meet to my bucket list.
    Craig (Delaware)
    Perkiomen Chapter
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      Looks like on 5-20-2020 the Terryville Fair scheduled in late August 2020 was cancelled. But no mention about other events at the fairgrounds?? Any news? Thanks, 46EL
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        Hi John, as far as I know (per Ted) our event for Sept 10-13 is still on. I REALLY HOPE that doesn't change.....I'm going through swap meet withdrawl syndrome here and I am SO looking forward to my fix! Smitty


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          This meet has become the only weekend of the year that I ride my rigid alone over a hundred miles one way (I think it’s 125) . Makes me feel young again, till the day after I get home.


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            Hi John, Smitty, JC, AMCA members and vendors - I don’t take any joy in announcing it but the Yankee Chapter Terryville meet is cancelled for 2020. The board discussed the pros and cons, knowns and unknowns and the scales tipped towards the safety of our chapter members, volunteers and the meet guests. On balance it was going to be a big challenge to have enough volunteers who felt comfortable working at and running the meet, plus the fairgrounds staff was not going to be able to open all of the facilities (part of the reason they cancelled their annual fair). Yes it stinks but these are strange times and we want EVERYONE to be safe.

            We’ll be reaching out to vendors who’ve prepaid and offering refunds or you can stay paid up for next year’s event.

            Yankee Chapter.


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              2020 Terryville National Meet

              Out of concern for everyone’s welfare, this year's Terryville National meet has been canceled.

              We hope to see everyone at our 2021 Terryville National Meet.



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                Say it ain't so! It's 3 1/2 months away! Just my opinion, but I think a cancel decision could wait another month and still leave plenty of time.
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                  It may be early Smitty but why take any chances? Even if the meet was held I think that I would pass.
                  Especially knowing there is no 100% proven vaccine for this virus on the horizon, only speculation.
                  Does anyone remember exactly what year the CT meet was moved from Bethlehem to Hebron CT?
                  Probably about 30 years ago and I never missed a CT AMCA Swap Meet since Hebron started. 46EL/Jp


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                    Yup guys i agree why take the chance. I lost my mom 3 weeks ago to covid. As much as i love the bike meets im staying home this year and just riding....that i can still do..


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                      Originally posted by brettxlch View Post
                      Yup guys i agree why take the chance. I lost my mom 3 weeks ago to covid. As much as i love the bike meets im staying home this year and just riding....that i can still do..
                      What if your business overhead, and maybe your next meal, depends upon the vintage motorcycle industry?


                      Remember when motorcyclists were bold individuals?

                      Me neither.

                      Liberty Motorcycle Specialties, Inc.
                      118 N. Washington Street
                      Lacon, IL 61540 USA
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                        If you have lost a loved one due to this crap, people would understand....Believe me i sympathize with all people ,jobs , businesses , losing money, I live in NY state so I know all about restrictions, closings, ....and losing money.


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                          Sorry I seemed insensitive, Brett,..

                          But would your mother really want you to give up something you love?

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                          Dumpster Diver's Motto: Seek,... and Ye Shall Find!


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                            I understand the possible need to cancel any event. I don't take this virus crap lightly either. I just cannot understand the need to cancel 3 1/2 MONTHS in advance! A lot can change in that amount of time and it's not taking any chances by not making a decision yet. JMHO Thanks, Smitty
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                              Sure am upset that all these meets are being cancelled. Our Bear Mountain Chapter meet being held Sunday Sept. 13th in Pine Island NY will not be cancelled unless the authorities force us to. Stay tuned.
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