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    I was traveling to Longview Texas yesterday for work and had a few extra minutes to swing into the local Harley Dealership. On the wall was an old picture of the Rocket MC out of Palestine Texas. Of course, no one there knew anything about it.

    Rocket MC from Palestine TX.jpg

    I did a little looking when I got home and found the club listed among a collection of memorabilia donated to the Cammie G. Henry Research Center at Northwestern State University in Louisiana. The collection was donated by H. G. Hawthorne before his passing.

    Based on the descriptions in the collection it sounds like a lot of worthwhile history to see. Also, I found the obituary for Horace G Hawthorne and it sounds like he led an interesting life. Anyone been to the University and seen the collection? If I'm ever in that area I will try to stop in and see if for myself. Seems like there would be some cool stuff in there.

    Eric Olson
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    Originally posted by badger34
    I was able to locate several newspaper articles, the Rockola Race Course was a TT style track built into a hillside on the grounds of Meadowbrook Country Club 4 miles north of Palestine TX. It appears that the club operated the track for two years prior to the war 1939-40, it was then closed during the war years and again reopened for two years after the war 1948-49.
    Thanks Badger, your ability to add to the history is always greatly appreciated!
    Eric Olson
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