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South American Motorcycle Cossacks

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  • South American Motorcycle Cossacks

    Hello all.

    My grandfather used to ride with the South American Motorcycle Cossacks, before WWII. The group was based out of Southern California. I believe this is a different group than the present day Cossacks, in the Pacific Northwest. My brother has contacted them, but no reply, so I assume there is no historian, there, or no connection.

    The group in question performed all over the world.

    My family is divided and any information that could have been had is now spread all over the U.S.

    Just wondering if anyone out there has relatives who were associated with this group, and may have information on them.

    Many years ago, there was a Harley dealer in Fullerton, California, off of Harbor, who had some memorabilia on display, that included information on the ...Cossacks, but it has changed hands and all the data is gone.

    Anyway... I figured this was part of our motorcycle heritage and wanted to reach out to anyone who may be familiar with this group. Below is a picture of a 1941 newspaper announcement, about the group performing in San Bernardino, California.

    Thanks, in advance, for any information anyone can provide.

    Best Regards,
    Bob Vega