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Anyone have info on these Griffin marker(?) lights?

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  • Anyone have info on these Griffin marker(?) lights?

    While rummaging in boxes of parts I bought at national meets 30 or so years ago, I found an old (1952) Folgers coffee tin can with these Griffin lights in it. They seem to be NOS, but unused for decades. I don't know for sure if it was Wauseon or Davenport, I bought the can because it had the u-bolts I was looking for that worked on my front crash bar I just found back then.

    There are 2 of the 90 degree lights with one red glass jewel installed, 3 of the 180 degree lights with no jewels installed, an extra mounting bracket, 2 loose red glass jewels, and 2 loose yellow (amber) glass jewels. The loose jewels drop into where they should but are not a tight fit.

    The 180 degree (straight across) lights are marked "Griffin No. 101" and the 90 degree lights are marked "Griffin No 102" They all have the same old style bulb in them and used a fabric covered wire that is only 4 or 5" long. they are 2" tall and the glass jewels are 1" in diameter.

    I looked through the 1935, 1941, 1947, 1951, and 1957 Harley accessory catalogs I have and they aren't in them.

    Griffin lights.jpgGriffin lights 101.jpgGriffin lights 102.jpgGriffin lights 102 detail.jpgGriffin lights amber.jpg

    Any info on these odd little lights would be greatly appreciated.

    Karel Lind

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    Generic aftermarket automotive turn signal kit parts. Griffin made lots of auto signal kits for cars,trucks, buses, etc.
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736


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      Thanks, Robbie, much appreciated.