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  • Harley Davidson Humidor

    I've had this sitting on a self for over 25 years. I bought it at an estate sale in Ohio. The cap with the HD logo appears to be a one piece affair and not just a HD badge attached to it. There is nothing else on it that would suggest it's motorcycle related. It's brass colored tin with a 3 sailing ships design in black (Columbus' ships?) on one side. Has anyone seen one of these before?


    Steve Slaminko

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    I've never, ever seen anything like hat. Very cool piece!


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      I say homemade. The emblem (even the remaining color) is exactly like the reproduction watch fobs sold in the '70s.
      Robbie Knight Amca #2736


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        The R in Harley says Willie G Design..the paint outside the lines says crap.


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          Yeah, it's homemade. A closer inspection shows that the HD logo is glued to the cap. I had to pry up on an end a bit with a fine pick but it eventually started to come up. It seemed unlikely that it was an original HD piece but at least it became a conversation piece between a few of us.



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            What do you think the Bar and Shield came from? Don't discount that the humidor in itself isn't a unique value. Did you say it was plated?

            Mike Love


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              [QUOTE=ihrescue;185892... Don't discount that the humidor in itself isn't a unique value. ...[/QUOTE]

              It would be better unmolested,. of course,. Mike!

              Cigars were never my style, but it would be in daily use for dog treats.

              (I'd wipe off that sailing ship stencil off in a heart beat.)

              PS: Is it 'spun brass', Steve?

              Awesome if it is.

              Not that its not special anyway!
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                No idea where the bar and shield came from but I suspect it's as Robbie and duffey theorized (1970's). The material is plated tin, not spun brass. In the long run it doesn't matter. I'll just leave it on the shelf with the other useless but neat to look at things I've collected over the years.

                Steve Slaminko

                PS: I kinda like the sailing ships :-).


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                  The cap looks a bit like the top I once had on a HD beer stein.