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  • testing the waters...

    I am seriously considering selling my modest collection. 4 Chiefs... they all need something. All have different issues. Private message me here... don't try to BS me... I'm smarter than I look !!
    ...Caveat... its totally possible I might change my mind about selling. NO BARGAIN BASEMENT OFFERS... don't waste my time... I'm NOT desperate. PERIOD. Simply looking to see if anyone is seriously interested... THIS IS ONLY A TEST... prices vary... a reasonable offer would be in the 24K-32K range... these bikes are well appointed, many extra parts... but need minor effort and work to be dependble worthy (in my humble opinion). Really a great opportunity for someone seeking an affordable start, or maybe a second bike. I'll see how this approach works... Remember... this is only a test.

    Heres a couple of pics... more pics if you're serious. NO BULLSXXT... please... I'll shut this down, if I don't like what I hear from respondents... C2K thumbnail_IMG-6236.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0002.jpg thumbnail_IMG-6240.jpg limited pic's here... more available, as interest is more focused on specific specimens. as interested parties inquire, I can gather more pics with a little help from a friend with a better camera. Yes, I'm just testing the waters for a start... private message here on this site
    serious inquiries please... I'm NOT in any way desperate... in fact, Im very wary about this novel approach. I am NOT an eager seller... I can smell what You're steppin' in, so don't even try.


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    Boy Roger that's quite the quiver of arrows you have there. Beyond my pay grade but fair priced. Good luck. Regards, Rich P.S. Is Indian Lil still with us?


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      Thank you for the post. I sent you a private message. Thank you


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        Rich, I really don't know. She's been in a care home in Fillmore, and its been more than a year since I talked to one of her boys. Yea, she's been a little fireball her whole life.
        I'm sure she's tough enough to make it into her 90's. I wish her the best...