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  • Tom "T-Bone" Brewer

    This came as a shock to me, Folks:

    Few in this business kept his sense of humor as well as he did.

    Rest in Peace.

    AMCA #776
    Dumpster Diver's Motto: Seek,... and Ye Shall Find!

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    That is a shock. Repeating Tom's sentiments, T-Bone had a great sense of humor, and always an interesting, and fun conversationalist. My deepest condolences to his family, and many friends.
    Eric Smith
    AMCA #886


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      Tom was a great guy, and I shall miss him.

      I always enjoyed our conversations, visits, and rides on old bikes. My condolences to his family and friends.
      A. Bernhardt
      AMCA# 9726


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        Tom was a great friend. We would hook up at meets and road runs together and laugh, laugh, laugh. Talk on the phone almost every day. Yes his sense of humor went right along with mine. Ride on my friend. Let me in as I know the "Secret Handshake".
        D. A. Bagin #3166 AKA Panheadzz 440 48chief W/sidecar 57fl 57flh 58fl 66m-50 68flh 70xlh


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          I recall he did a 30's vintage Indian Four, put some pictures up on Caimag, and it was beautiful work. He detailed his pouring of the babbitt bearings with photos...and it was amazing to me. He willingly shared on that site some of his work and helped many along the way, he even helped Sarge (Gerry Lyons) get his WL back on the road to Davenport one year when the engine gave it up....great story! Never met him, but his internet presence on Caimag was a real contribution to this hobby.
          Pisten Bulley is Harry Roberts in Vermont.


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            Tommy did a 36 Four a while ago and had a 40 at some time before that I believe.. A couple years ago, maybe 3, there was a 41 for sale in mid Jersey. It was TOTALLY apart. I ran down as fast as I could, took a look, took a bunch of pics while I was there and sent them to Tommy. The cases were pristine and was pretty much 99% or more there but again, totally every nut and bolt apart. I made a deal with the guy for Tommy and the following week he came out and I met him there to pick it up. I know he was getting it close to assemble time when he got his issues. I was looking forward very much in meeting him at the Four meet and riding my 440 with him this coming year and laughing our heads off. He was a very, very talented builder and never backed down off of any challenge.
            D. A. Bagin #3166 AKA Panheadzz 440 48chief W/sidecar 57fl 57flh 58fl 66m-50 68flh 70xlh


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              I bought my 37 EL from Tom, we talked frequently about motorcycles and things in general. Will truly miss him and our conversations , Rest In Peace Tom.


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                Bloody hell, sad news! met T-bone at Davenport same day that I met Sarge, cool fella