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    I'm giving a shoot out to the L.A. Chapter for the great job they did a week ago on their road run under trying times and conditions. 60 riders and 10 passengers enjoyed three days of great routes filled with scenic views, great back roads, and excellent chapter provided lunch stops. Dinner provided on both ends of the run, great accommodations, the whole ball of wax. Not often you see 3 '36 knuckles rolling down the road with no caution as far as collectability and cost and in their natural environment. Amen! George F. Hood's close circle of really good friends got to say good by at the banquet with a toast, some stories, and a display of photos of George in his element. Thanks again to all who made the effort in the L.A. Chapter to make their guests feel welcome and at home.

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    Glad to hear a good time was had despite the circumstances. Too bad it was all the way across the country for those of us on the east coast but I know you and others have made to trip this way for Road Runs and I admire that dedication. I am hoping that 2021 will be better for swap meets nd road runs as i know a lot of chapters have invested an ton of money with no return so far. We have got to get back to some semblance of normalcy before people start taking matters into their own hands. Let's hoe a vaccine is near and everyone who wants it can get it.

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    I also want to commend Craig & crew for putting together the rally. I had a great time, got to see some old friends & met some new people.

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