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Thread: 1962 Pan fuel cross over line between tanks.

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    Default 1962 Pan fuel cross over line between tanks.

    What a pain. So the line I purchased from AAOK doesn't even come close to working. Wrong tanks? Wrong frame? I ordered the correct part. I've bent up a cable to resemble the proper bends required but hate to mess up the chrome to bend this new cross over line. Anyone else have this problem?

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    All tank fitting from '48-'65 are in the same location. All frame dimensions are the same as well. Some lines were designed with a vibration loop in them and mount inside the frame. Some are a straight crossover. Which do you have? Aftermarket crap strikes again.
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    I have a straight across one. I've bent up some strong wire to mirror what it should look like and the aftermarket one is way off. Someone should tell the manufacturer. Ya think.

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    John, I've seen very few repro crossover lines that fit perfectly without some degree of tweaking. You might consider getting one from a company called Strange Bird. They took over the business from Dennis Corso. I heard they have improved the quality of the products. Check out their website.

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    I got one from V Twin that actually worked with only minor tweaking... amazing right?
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