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Thread: 1936 servicar rear hub removal

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    That looks like an Chrysler products rear drum puller. Stan

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    Greetings once again
    This story had a happy ending. I received a generous offer from one of the contribuitors on here (Robbie, couh, cough) to borrow his hub puller, to remove the wheel. It was no where as difficult as I had feared. I soaked it down with PB blaster for a few days before the puller arrived, wire brushed the threads with a brass brush, and generally cleand the hub for the puller.
    the pictures show an overview of the wheel, a closeup of the threaded area, the puller on the wheel and a view of the puller attatched to the wheel, not necessarly in that order.


    The axle has a key running the full legnth of the hub. I was told to make sure the puller is screwed in all of way, otherwise, you could damage the threads or the puller. I was also told that I may have to wack the end of the puller to breake the hub loose, fortunately that was not the case. The bike came with screw on hubcaps, which seemed strange on a utility vehicle. However my guess is that they served to protect the fine thread on the hub from damage rather than a beauty cover.
    Im not sure why they didnt just drill and tap two holes in the hub to use as a puller, as the hub is made out of solid steel.

    With the overall scaricty of these pullers, it makes me wonder how people changed a flat tire. These bikes are relatively obscure, so im not sure that anyone is going to rush out to make pullers. hopefully someone will.

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    Happy to help and glad it all worked out for you.
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736

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