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    Default 741 Frame question

    I recently acquired the rear section of a 741 frame.
    Looking it over serial number, below left axle hole though hard to read indicates 30.5 cu inch Army (7) Mfg 1941 (41)
    Odd thing is axle slot is OPEN not "Boxed in/Closed"???? toward the rear.
    I looked in Hatfield's and my section appears the same as there with the exception of this open axle slot.
    Axle slot is open both sides Left rear and Right rear.
    (I was going to post a picture but am having tech issues at my end.)

    Has anyone else seen this??


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    Yes that is a picture of my rear section exactly EXCEPT on mine the Axle slot is open.
    Instead of a closed slot/box for the axle mine is OPEN in the rear (right in picture above) (end opposite axle adjustment bolt).

    Instead of:


    Mine is:


    Both Right and Left Axle castings are open.
    Do not appear to have been "modified" by a previous set of hands but perhaps?

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    Never seen an open one, my guess is someone modified the frame.

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    Yes the close I look at it I have come to the realization its been "buggered" with. Disappointing.
    Hey why shorten your chain when you can extend the axle slot!
    Now how to fix?

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    Make two inserts, bevel, weld, grind flat.

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    Thanks; that's what I was thinking;
    Make some inserts from hot rolled steel and braze them in. Thanks again.

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