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Thread: Early Indian Buddy Seat Shell Assembly (aka Seat Pan)?

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    I am only speculating, but I have seen photos of late Henderson KJs, and Super X motorcycles with buddy/chumee seats that were slightly different than the H-D, and Indian offerings. I know Schwinn did not make seat pans, and sourced their seats from specialty makers. The 1930 KJ that I had came with a (double) seat that was something of a mystery; but no one would commit to a source, and wrote it off as period aftermarket. The pan you first posted, Fletcher shows an interesting front pommel arrangement that could have worked on a Schwinn product, but (sort of) not specifically
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oilcan View Post
    I would guess that the seat pan in question, is an aftermarket pan, possibly by Buco (?).
    My memory is worthless, Oilcan,..

    But I think BUCOs had only a curve at one end of the side 'ribs'.

    Giuliari's had side ribs similar to HD.

    It is the front mount we should focus upon. It has to be familiar to somebody, as I think even I fondled one once.

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