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Thread: 1967 Harley Davidson Sporteter XLH-XR Style Street Tracker

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    Default 1967 Harley Davidson Sporteter XLH-XR Style Street Tracker

    Completely Rebuilt 1967 XLH in a XR 750 Style Frame. On auction sale at eBay #203098713558 currently at $4000. 24 good pictures.

    1967 Harley Davidson XLH-XR 750 Street Tracker
    For Sale is my 1967 Harley XLH-XR 750 Street Tracker. This was a long term project that is complete and sorted out with 415 miles on a complete rebuild. I started this bike before old age and arthritis fully settled in. The concept began as a kick start only build which had to be altered as I needed hip replacement stopping me from kicking any more Harleys. Now the arthritis in my hands and shoulders makes rides longer than 50 miles too uncomfortable. It is time to sell this bike to someone who can enjoy the fruits of my labor. Only the best of everything went into this bike as you will see from reading the description and viewing the pictures. I paid great attention to detail which resulted in a Harley Ironhead that does not vibrate or leak. The floor under this bike is oil free.
    Custom XR-750 Style Frame by Don Rothwell of Columbia, MO. Don builds these beautiful XR frames and vintage drag bike frames.
    1972 Suzuki GT750 200mm 4LS (leading Shoe) front wheel and front fork, the hard to find and much loved brake of vintage road racing.
    Aluminum Renthal Handlebars
    Aluminum XR 750 style oil tank by Don Rothwell
    Rebuilt Koni Shocks
    Alloy Fenders
    12 volt Cycle Electric Generator
    360 CCA Li Battery in a custom aluminum box with charger pigtail
    Custom Tech Cycle Heavy Duty Modern Electric Starter
    XLH Turtle Gas Tank with Pingle petcock and filter
    Custom made seat with marine grade materials
    LED Tail light and turn signals
    Very Bright H4 Headlight
    Completely Rebuilt 1967 XLH Motor:
    New Rods, Shafts & Bearings
    Crank built and balanced by Revolution Performance
    Top End Rebuilt by Engine Dynamics Co with new valves, guides, seals, pistons & rings.
    Harley Davidson P Camshafts with XLR Lightweight Lifters
    Rebuilt Harley Keihn CV Carb with 8 K & N Air Filter
    Transmission Rebuilt with a new Arlo Wet/Dry Clutch
    New Chains (O ring rear) & Sprockets
    New Brakes
    Clutch is activated by a Magura Hydraulic Unit designed for a Harley Buell motorcycle and adapted with a special worm gear inside the sprocket cover.
    New Avon Road Rider Tires
    Kaoke Throttle Control Friction Device to adjust throttle friction on the fly.
    XLH Exhaust Pipes with Megaphone Muffler with aluminum tip. Very nice but not over loud sound.
    Original Early XLH Speedometer rebuilt and set to zero miles. Currently shows 415 miles.
    XLH Center Stand
    Andrews HD Coil and XLH Auto Advance Timer
    Anti Wet Sump Valve in the oil feed line with a switch wired into ignition so bike cannot be started without opening the oil valve first. From Brit bike trick. Old Brit bikes are notorious for wet sumping as are old Harleys. Problem solved without danger of forgetting to open valve and frying your motor.
    Paint by Legendary Underground Colors in San Francisco.

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