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Thread: FL or FLH pistons for 1976 Harley with sidecar

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    The motor has a stock cam now. Will I be better off to keep the stock cam? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster View Post
    The motor has a stock cam now. Will I be better off to keep the stock cam? Thanks.
    I tried to get cam information as well with no luck. I always had good luck with the stock H cam, but I just started running a sidecar. I wish I could tell you what cam my engine has in it, but I do not know, because it pulls strong even with a passenger on the seat and one in the sidecar right on up to 70 mph with a 21 engine sprocket and 23 transmission sprocket.

    Again, are you running a 20 tooth engine sprocket and 22 transmission sprocket? Stock engine is 21 for sidecar use and 22 transmission.

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    I have always wondered how long is the oil in the cooler? i would think not long enough to be able to cool that small amount of
    oil to help much?

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    Ryan, I have a 23T motor sprocket and stock 22T trans and 51T rear wheel. I was running 24Tmotor sprocket before I installed sidecar and bike would cruise around 60-65mph comfortably. Since I installed sidecar, I removed bike windshield and there is a noticeable 2-3 mph increase. I agree with Cotton on oil cooler, I do not believe there is enough area to effectively cool oil. HD made a lot of sidecar bikes for many years without an oil cooler.

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    Too cold is bad. Easy test (if you don't have a candy thermometer): run the bike hard, place your palm on the oil tank. If you can count past 5 it's cool enough (150-160). Even 180 is safe but less safety margin. If you can't touch it I would run a cooler.
    How effective is it? Did anyone ask "how big is it, where is it mounted?" Then you don't know.
    Hint: away from the exhaust port & pipe and the airstream coming off the engine is a good start.

    Factory? The factory weighed failures due to oil temperature (almost impossible to prove without a lab report) vs. "bike crashed when oil cooler line leaked" and "3% of new bikes serviced under warranty for leaks". Guess what the lawyers told them?

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    I would use the LC pistons in your rebuild, you know they work...

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    With low compression pistons, would there be a better cam then the stock H cam? Any suggestions appreciated.

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    The stock FL cam.

    Oil temperature tracks load, not compression pressure.

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