I finally got my clutch straightened out. I put a cut primary on to watch my clutch while it was running and it did not stop at all when the clutch was pulled. I took out the new clutches and steels and noticed that the clutch basket was worn .050" deep where the clutch rides.
i replaced my new Alto clutches and steels with original harley clutches from the late 60s and an older set of alto steels just like I took out. I did the stack up in basket starting with a steel then clutch etc., so now I have 5 steels and 5 clutches. I put on the pressure plate, did all adjustments, started the bike, pulled the clutch lever and the clutch hub stopped spinning. Put the bike together and went for a ride, the bike went into gear and shifted great and it even stays in reverse. I am so relieved!
I still do not know what really fixed it, but I think it was the basket. All my new clutches and steels were flat????
Thank you guys for all the replies!!!
PS I even got it charging today, silly me had the F wire and idiot light wire switched as they were both green, I should not have made that mistake because they were coming from different parts of the harness.