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Thread: 2020 Davenport. :-(

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    Default 2020 Davenport. :-(

    I got wind a few days ago, but waited for a notification here. Old news for most i guess, but the post will make it official.

    **Chief Blackhawk

    49th Davenport Fall International Meet
    Where old friends will not meet. Where new friends will not be made.

    Sept 3 - Sept 5, 2020
    The Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds
    2815 W. Locust St.
    Davenport, IA 52806

    The Chief Blackhawk Davenport Meet for 2020 is canceled.
    As much as we would like for times to be as they were, that is not the current reality and after due consideration by the Chief Blackhawk officers, the decision is to work towards a better outcome for 2021.

    **Be Safe!!

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    Thanks for the latest information, I guess.........................
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