I just went thru the pain of figuring out the new forum log-in rules. Specifically, the need for the email address used to register on the forum having to match the email address used to register for the new AMCA website.

In my case, I registered on the new AMCA forum when the time came and I also changed my email address this year and that was reflected in my AMCA site registration info. Last night I came to the forum to so some research and could not log in because the email here did not match the email there. Now, that is an easy fix... normally. But the forum prevented me from logging in because of this. Therefore, it was impossible for me to update my email address on the forum. It would have also been impossible if I had tried to do it back when I registered for the new AMCA site. As soon as I changed my email address on the AMCA site, I locked myself out of logging into the forum.

I spent a lot of time looking for the solution on the forum, using help screens, trying to register for the first time, clicking on FORGOT PASSWORD, and other tricks, none of which worked. So, I tried another idea. I went into the AMCA site and changed my email back to my old address so it matched the one on the forum. This let me log in to the forum and I was able to change my email to my current address. I then went back to the AMCA forum and changed my email back to my current address. All was well... I thought. But it seems that something I did while getting back into the forum prevented me from posting or replying. That was fixed this morning (thanks).

I would have thought that being a member of the AMCA and registered on that site would carry thru any info on that site to other AMCA pages, like the forum. At the very least, since the forum does check the AMCA info to make sure everything matches, if it does not match, the system would send an email to the address on the AMCA site to advise the member there is an issue and PROVIDE A METHOD TO FIX IT so the member could regain log-in access to the forum. The other option would be to simply use any updates to the AMCA site info to update forum info. That might not be possible. So a process to deal with it should be created.

Thanks for considering this.