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Thread: Indian Chief and/or Warrior Production Numbers for 1937-1951?

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    Default Indian Chief and/or Warrior Production Numbers for 1937-1951?

    Anyone have Indian Chief and/or Warrior production numbers for any (calendar or fiscal or model) year(s) 1937-1951? Or, know if Indian numbers are controversial/disputed like Harley numbers?

    I would like to know if aggregate domestic production numbers (that include HD, Indian, and Mustang 4) for any year(s) in that range can be broken down and separated by manufacturer. Excerpts below from 1952 Tariff Committee Report or related 1953 hearings/findings.

    Apologies if I missed a thread where this was covered. I can't seem to figure out how to get search results narrower than 14-15 pages.

    Excerpt 1:

    Excerpt 2:

    Excerpt 3:

    Excerpt 4:

    Fletcher Clark Johnston
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    Hi Fletcher:

    You had mentioned maybe needing a refresher on the Forum search process. At this link here in the forum is a sticky post on the basics. Possibly some of this info will be helpful on your searches.

    Mike Love
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