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    Guys does anyone know what kind of bike John Waynes kid was riding in the movie where they kidnapped his grandson, with Richard Boone, I believe all but Bobby Vinton were his real sons..Jacob McCandles....or was it just a hollywood prop, made up..?? Big Jake was the movie..

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    It looks like the motorcycle that Bud Ekins had around his shop, it was an old dirt bike made up to look like an early belt drive Harley Davidson. Bud’s fake Harley had been used in the TV series “Nichols” during 1971-1972 starring James Garner. For the TV series, Bud also had two early belt drive Harleys, one for riding in the western town shots and a real nice one for close up scenes. The fake Harley was used for the long-distance shots such as the desert riding scenes where riding a real one was not practical.
    If you look at the fake Harley used in the two different movies, you will see that it has a Lucas headlight.
    I remember seeing it a couple of times at Bud’s shop on Wellington in North Hollywood after he had moved there from his old shop. We talked about it a couple of time, only I do not remember all the details, such as all the movies it was used in or what it started out as. A couple of times, he tried to sell it to me, but I was not interested in it.
    It was parked there with other motorcycles that Bud use to rent out for movies. There were two flat head Harley police bikes that were used on many different movies that keep getting painted different combination of police colors. The movie “Fast Charlie… the Moonbeam Rider”, was a 1979 comedy that had a bunch of Bud’s bikes in it, including the fake Harley that was used in a bunch of stunt scenes. There were the two flat head Harley sidecar rigs called “Mona” used in one of the TV “Twilight Zone” shows, one came back on a pallet, wadded in a ball.


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    Good reading on the Brothers Ekins.

    >>> <<<

    ekins-sidecars.jpg >>> A Couple of 'Great Escape' Ekins Hacks that went to auction.
    imagejpg3-2.JPG >>>'Big Jake' Fake Motorcycle.
    1969_montesa-cappra-360.jpg >>>Beautiful 1969 Montesa Cappra-360 *This is the Montesa motor/exh., Bud put into...'Fake Jake'.
    **Looks like Bud just used the Cappra and added a teens era tank and a few other mods to make it look the part. It's mostly the Montesa if You look closely.

    **BONUS TRACK!!! >>> >>>'Freebie and the Bean' Flick. *1974. *Halarious and Well done Motorcycle chase scene with a 1974 Montesa Cota-247. *YouTube.

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