While making a wrench fit, by grinding off alot of extra metal for clearance, it got me thinking... so I gathered a bunch of various wrenches for a separate drawer in the tool box. I now have a complete set, and spares of all the wrenches I use on the bikes. Everything from 1/4" all the way to 1 1/2". I "made " them for everything from the tiny nuts behind the distributor up to the intake manifold nuts. Even made a wrench for the rear axel brake drum and the axel itself. I don't use them all that often, but when you need them, the modified wrenches are in the dedicated drawer in the tool box. They then become the "right tool" for the job. Many of these tools I found at swap meets and such. I wouldn't use them as ordinary, everyday tools, but an old beat-up wrench that you modify can give the wrench a new, second chance at life. I might have $50 total in close to 30 modified wrenches. SAE and Metric, and a few oddballs.
You ca never have enough tools.