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Thread: Identification of a single cylinder blind barrel ( excelsior.?)

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    Default Identification of a single cylinder blind barrel ( excelsior.?)

    G’day all

    I picked this barrel up some 25 years ago at an auction , ( under an interesting situation, refer below). I believe it is a single cylinder Excelsior but I am interested in confirming if it is an Excelsior and possible what year.


    I was 2 hours into a auction of old car parts , when my mate made his way to me to ask for my urgent help as he had just blown a water pipe in his laundry. At the same time a heated argument broke out between the auctioneer and one of the bidders . In the confusion I crabbed the barrel and placed in on the bench in front of the auctioneer, once the mellay had subsided the auctioneer looked down grabbed the barrel , held it up, I won it , paid for it and raced off to undertake some urgent plumbing !

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    Hi! I am New to this forum, but i have worked on Excelsiors for years. The cylinder on the Pictures is the front cylinder for a 1912-14 61cid Excelsior twin. The singel cylinders had square foot without the "extended" bore look on the foot of the barrel. Best regards Elleham.

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