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    Cool Pope Model K

    Greetings to all!

    ISO bike, and/or parts for, a Pope Model K.

    My grandfather rode a 1913 Pope Model K in the early 1920's and, as my father and I have begun to search through his estate, we recently found a smattering of odd parts from the bike (e.g., Schebler carb, belt tensioner). Given how my grandfather used, reused, and saved parts throughout his life, I fully expect to find additional parts. (N.B.: I've already found other parts from his 1914 Harley and 1925 JD.)

    For some time, I've thought about restoring a Pope, and my recent discoveries present something of a (small but promising) opportunity. I was raised in the world of Model T restoration and have begun to "cut my teeth" in the antique motorcycle world with my father's 1909 single-cylinder Indian. For some odd reason, the Indian never quite piqued my father's interest, as it has mine. But, hey, he rescued it from the salvage yard decades ago (for a paltry $50), so what did he really care?!

    Any advice, leads, encouragement, etc. would be very much appreciated!

    Many thanks in advance . . .

    Ken Aldous
    Rhinebeck, New York
    (914) 645-6005

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    Welcome, Ken!
    I, for one, would like to see some pictures of that 1909 Indian!


    Is anyone else having trouble replying to a thread? It would only let me reply with quote. So I deleted the quote.

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