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Thread: Decals for 58FL OIL TANK

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    Default Decals for 58FL OIL TANK

    Hello All

    Hope your'e all ok during this time of plague...

    My question is what are the correct decals that would have been applied to a 1958 Harley FL oil tank....

    And also where could I purchase them? Teds says not available...

    Thanks All!

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    Funny thing is all the '58 Factory pictures I have show no transfer on the oil tank. However I do have a heavily retouched Factory picture that has had an artist put them on the tank. They are on both sides located dead center of the side.
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    Patent decal on my 1960 FLH. Hard to see behind the seat
    post. Did they change the location between 58-60?

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    Patent decal behind seat post on my OP 58

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    See the FLH V and H style for 1958 on ebay for sale.
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