Thought I'd reply here since I might be able to help, and also need some help.

First, I have a very nice windshield and skirt. I can make a pattern for the windshield when I get to taking it apart to polish it. The skirt is in excellent shape. I suspect it was purchased from HD in the 60's based upon the history of my hack. My hack is a LE from 1944 and was a military police rig at Plattsburgh AFB. The family I bought it from last week is the first civilian owner. Their Dad bought it from the AFB and put it on a '67 FL. This is why I suspect the skirt is from that timeframe. It does not have the common sense fasteners on the skirt, but instead has metal weight strips down each side hem. It does have an attached tonneau that rolls up and is held rolled up with a strap that uses a snap hook and a ring. I can try to make a pattern for you so you can have one sewn. But it will not be perfect since I won't be cutting mine apart.

The seat back on mine has been redone in white. The seat on that '67 was white. The opening for the latch was covered and when I looked I see that the original plywood was used and remnants of that latch is still in there. But from what I can see, it is little more than a metal box that held the mechanism. Does anyone have a photo of that latch? I can make the mechanism if I have to.

The other question I have is does anyone know where I can get a copy of the instructions that came with sidecars back then. The manual is very sparse on info and mentions instructions coming with a new sidecar. This is my first foray into a sidecar on a Harley. I'm going to put it on my '47EL. I'm not new to sidecars. I bought a Ural about 6 years ago in a weak moment for very small money. I rebuilt the engine, including a new crank and it runs like a watch now. Electric motor smooth. Have done the alignment on that rig twice.

From this thread I see that there are factory specs for Toe-in. I would assume 1/2" to 3/4". But I also assumed that it would be adjusted via the front lower tiebar mount. It now appears that the placement of the rear mount adjusts toe.

My plan is to run just the chassis while I get it tuned in and then mount the tub and run it for this summer to see if I'm going to like it. If I like it, then the tub and fender will get painted to match the original paint on my Skyway Blue Knuck and then aged so it looks right.

Thanks for any info and let me know if those patterns are desired. Oh and a thought to Slamiste regarding that original skirt. If it is not useable, but complete, you might want to split open the seams to make a true pattern so others can make copies. Of course if it is useable, then that's a dumb suggestion.