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Thread: Cast iron top triple clamp

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    Default Cast iron top triple clamp

    What years did Harley use the cast iron triple clamp on the Sportster?

    I have one that has 4 "ears" on the top and my parts books don't show that little detail in the exploded view diagrams. I did find a page that shows it as a "ghost" image in with the handlebars, but that doesn't help me identify what it was used on.

    I will post a picture of it once I figure out how to post it on this thread.


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    The one with ears is a type used on '52 to '56 K Models or a '57-'58 Sportsters. There are a couple differences in those also so pictures are needed especially around the stem area. The ears hold mounts for the ignition and light switches.
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    Thanks for taking the time for this. I hope that I do this right. This is what I am trying to identify. It has been welded, machined, polished, and chrome plated. It was on the front end on my 53 Fl when I bought it in 1980. A mild chopper from the late 60's that I just had to have back then. Now I am continuing the restoration process

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    Is this version with the 4 tabs correct for all 57 58 models?

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    That is what I found out in my old parts books. Late 1954 to 1956 KH and 1957 & 58 Sportster for the part I have.

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